MT APEX Accelerator is open for business and ready to assist your company with its government contracting needs. Our team is conducting counseling and training in person, by phone, email, screen sharing and online webinar/meeting platforms. Our advisors can be reached at the phone numbers/email listed on our “locations” page. Please don’t hesitate to contact the APEX Accelerator government contracting advisor nearest you. Thank you and be well. 

Each Year Government Agencies Purchase Millions From Montana Companies.
APEX Accelerators can show your business how to connect with the government customer.
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Federal, state and local agencies need Montana businesses. Small businesses often have a competitive advantage. APEX Accelerators can show you how to pursue government contracts to diversify your customer base and grow your business.
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Montana APEX Accelerator is dedicated to showing your company how to find, bid and win government contracts. Our team of specialists help make the contracting process clearer and easier so you can concentrate on pursuing opportunities.
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We offer free confidential consulting and a comprehensive selection of free training programs. Our Montana APEX Accelerator advisors are ready to help your business learn what it takes to be a successful contractor.
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Montana APEX Accelerators help businesses learn what it takes to be a successful government contractor.

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 “Patty is great and has gone out of her way to mentor us. We would not have done this on our own.” Thanks!  Inspired Classroom, LLC Kathleen Dent

“The staff in Great Falls Montana working out of the GFDA offices have been exceptionally helpful and knowledgeable.” James Morin, PowerGas Corporation 

“Christy Cummings-Dawson stepped into the position recently and inherited our project when it was mid-stream in the process. She instantly was up to speed and was able to guide and assist us through a complex and convoluted process. We simply cannot say how helpful she has been to our endeavor!” Clint Brown, River Software, Inc.