FedBizOps.gov (FBO.gov) is set to decommission on November 8, 2019

The following notice is from the GSA:

As you might have heard by now, FedBizOps.gov (FBO.gov) is set to decommission on November 8, 2019.  The decommission of the system and the migration of federal opportunities into beta.SAM.gov will mark IAE’s third system decommission recently (joining CDFA.gov and WDOL.gov).  It’s all part of our ongoing effort to streamline the federal awards process and make it easier to do business with the government.

 As with our previous decommissions, all functionality from FBO.gov will migrate to beta.SAM.gov along with some added improvements.  We’re making federal contract opportunities more user-friendly. 

The move into beta.SAM.gov will include the ability to search for opportunities by number, keyword, or location for more precise results (including easy-to-use search filters).  You’ll also have the ability to ‘follow’- or track – contract opportunities in beta.SAM.gov. To follow an opportunity, simply select the follow button. You’ll then receive notifications whenever the  opportunity is updated.  

There are more improvements and exciting news to come in the coming days and weeks.  Be sure to stay tuned here for everything you need to know about the transition of contract opportunities into beta.SAM.gov.

Right now, all you need to do to prepare for the transition is:

  • Note any search agents and any notices currently watched in FBO.gov.  These will not be migrated, and you can start saving them now in beta.SAM.gov.
  • Create a new account in beta.SAM.gov if you want to follow or save searches (you don’t need an account to search only).
  • Prior to the transition, federal users may begin to migrate roles from FBO.gov or request them in beta.SAM.gov. To migrate roles, you will need an active FBO.gov user name and password.  We will publish specific dates for role migration in the future.  

After decommissioning, you will be redirected from FBO.gov to beta.SAM.gov.  

Keep in mind that until the system is retired in November, FBO remains the authoritative source for contract opportunities.

To learn more about the FBO transition and how it will impact you, please check out the FBO Transition Fact Sheet or view the presentation from the June 2019 Stakeholder Forum, here.