Keep Learning for Success

True North Contracting LLC has been working with PTAC for about a year, and they have come a long way. PTAC started by assisting with their SAM registration and SBA profile. From that point we took both Jesse and Kaity Butler through various learning/training processes including a government contracting orientation, a three-part series on joint venturing and teaming, and several in person meetings to discuss how to find opportunities. We helped them to register at different federal sites explained the SDVOSB set-aside program. PTAC also assisted True North in becoming certified through Veterans First program as a certified SDVOSB and the self-certification in SAM. After becoming certified through the VA, True North expressed interest in the All Small Mentor-Protégé program. True North Contracting LLC met with PTAC and their prospective mentor to talk about the benefits of the program and the process for applying. After attending the PTAC’s annual matchmaking event and making connections with different agencies and our region’s SBA Business Opportunity Specialist, True North and their prospective mentor decided to follow through with the All Small Mentor Protégé program and is considering forming a joint venture as well. PTAC assisted with the application and the mentor-protégé agreement and True North and their mentor were accepted into the program.

Because of the assistance PTAC provided in applying for certifications, orientation, training, in-person meetings and the matchmaking event, True North has entered into talks with GSA Public Buildings Service about two sole source opportunities for SDVOSB. Although they will be small opportunities, it is a foot in the door for this business to the government marketplace and could lead to more opportunities in the future. Their diligence and dedication to learning with PTAC and finding a mentor to also assist with different aspects of government contracting is showing to pay off. The Billings PTAC is excited to see where this company will go and will continue to provide them with any guidance they need to navigate the government marketplace.