Government Transition from DUNS Number to New Unique Entity Identifier Extended

The government previously announced that it is migrating away from the current proprietary D-U-N-S® (DUNS) Number toward a new unique entity identifier generated directly by 


The deadline for completing that transition has been extended. 

The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) directed federal agencies to finalize their transition to using the SAM-generated unique entity identifier (unique entity ID or UEI) by April 2022. GSA will be contracting with Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) to ensure full continuity of services—including DUNS number assignment, monitoring, and validation of entity uniqueness—during the extended transition period. 

Active registrants will have their UEI assigned and viewable within; there is no action for registered entities to take at this time.  

In the future, any new entity coming to to register for the first time will have a streamlined experience. They will request their identifier from within, no longer needing to go to a third-party website or deal with separate service desks to get help. will generate the UEI for each new entity as part of the standard registration process.  We are working to ensure all IAE systems are updated to support the new identifier. 

As we  move through the various phases of this transition, the IAE team will continue to communicate in this forum so that system users and other interested parties can be well informed.

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