It’s a First for a Lewistown Consulting Company

Hole World Consulting provides heavy construction, site preparation and related services in Lewistown, Montana. Last August, owner Dave Ward noticed that the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) was seeking a contractor to plug and repair a leak in the Marcott Coulee Well in Fergus County. He contacted BLM and was referred to the PTAC office in Lewistown for assistance in registering for federal contracting.

Mr. Ward needed help with the basics, from locating his Dun & Bradstreet number to registering in the System for Award Management (SAM) data base. These are requirements for anyone who wants to do business with the federal government. The process did not always go smoothly. The client’s limited computer resources presented an immediate challenge – successful registrations in the various data bases require time to process.  Bid opportunities often have tight time constraints.

But with ongoing assistance from Government Contracting Advisor Kathie Bailey, Hole World Consulting was registered in time to submit a bid on the BLM project. In September, Dave Ward was awarded his first federal contract – a contract that will provide jobs for several other citizens of Fergus County.