PTAC’s Hard Work Helps Client’s Dreams Come True

You are dedicated to your job, one that provides an invaluable service in a community that you enjoy. Then one day, your employer – a national corporation – announces plans to close the facility in your community. What do you do?

If you are Clifford Creekmore you decide to open your own facility. Now the owner of Momentum Prosthetic Clinic, Creekmore was determined to continue his work in Missoula. He was also determined to continue serving veterans who were referred through the Veterans’ Administration (VA) health care system, located at Fort Harrison in Helena. As Creekmore soon discovered, doing business with the federal government would require even more determination.

Unlike private sector customers, the federal government requires vendors to register in various databases and, in some instances, obtain certain certifications. The registrations and certifications can be time consuming and confusing. Fortunately for Creekmore, an acquaintance referred him to Government Contracting Advisor Patty Cox at the Missoula PTAC. She was able to help him register in the System for Award Management (SAM), certify as a VA provider and navigate numerous government portals. With PTAC guidance, Creekmore was able to retain not only the VA contract, but three employees.

Creekmore said,

“I think all your hard work has helped my dreams come true. Thank you very much for everything you are doing for me, Patty.”