All in a Day’s Work

Montana PTAC’s government contracting advisors have diverse jobs. In addition, as our tag lines states, to providing “personal, timely assistance on contracting with the government,” we’re constantly on the lookoutfor opportunities for our clients. Government Contracting Advisor Jim Smitham in Butte spotted a solicitation that appeared to be an ideal match for his client, The Peak Inc.

Located in Butte, The Peak is a service-disabled-veteran owned firm that provides specialized training for military operations units, elite law enforcement personnel, wilderness professionals, and outdoor enthusiasts. Established in 2005, the company has extensive government contracting experience and holds a General Services Administration (GSA) contract as well.

Although The Peak, like other successful government contractors, is skilled at finding and pursuing contracting opportunities, the company was unaware of the solicitation that drew Jim’s attention: winter warfare training for 50 Navy Seals, extending over a five-year period. Not only were the services sought a perfect match for The Peak, the alternate place of performance was perfect as well. Butte, Montana was listed as an alternative training site to Elemendorf Air Force Base in Alaska.

When Jim contacted The Peak regarding the solicitation, the company immediately began preparing a proposal. Whether or not they are awarded the contract, Jim will continue to keep an eye out for opportunities for The Peak and his other clients. For a Montana PTAC government contracting advisor, it’s all in a day’s work.